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 of the UK population 

 were considered to be at  risk of poverty or social  exclusion 

 Social exclusion is what can happen when people or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime, poor health and family breakdown. In the past, governments tried to deal with each of the problems of social exclusion individually, but there was little success in tackling the complicated links between them, or preventing problems from arising in the first place.

What is social exclusion?

22.7% of the UK population were considered to be at risk of poverty or social exclusion

16.2% of people in the UK were at risk of poverty

5.1% of people in the UK were considered to be experiencing severe material deprivation

The percentage of people who say they are unable to meet unexpected financial expenses has increased considerably up from 26.6% in 2007 to 36.6% . The proportion of people unable to afford an annual holiday has also increased from 21.4% to 29.7%  The proportion of people in the UK living in households with low work intensity fell to 11.5% from 13.1%. 

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