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Who we are

We’re a charity made up of passionate people, who care about people. We run a variety of services all across the UK, that aim to give everyone the chance to be part of the community they live in and feel connected to society by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society. We think that everyone is unique, and with support and confidence can unlock their inner potential, opening up a world of possibilities. Oh, and did we mention that we love people?

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives and communities by delivering services for socially excluded and vulnerable people to unlock their potential and open up new possibilities.Our work is to catalyze community, government, and other institutions to dismantle  inequity and social exclusion. We craft and apply strategies in order to achieve  create equitable outcomes for all .

Our Vision

Our vision is that every person has the opportunity to be a full and valued member of a society where social exclusion and isolation no longer exist. 

Our Values

  • We innovate in our work. We're different, creative and like to think of new solutions.

  • We are helpful in everything that we do. We're always friendly and approachable.

  • We are passionate about people. We believe that what we do can make a real and lasting difference.

  • We are determined to tackle problems that others won't. We always go the extra mile and work with dedication and commitment.

  • We work together internally and externally to ensure the best outcomes for the people we support.

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